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Get your score up, from the floor up!

If you want to make the grade, you need a cleaning partner to help keep your facility from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. We’ll help you put a program in place to help prevent outbreaks. From our world-class disposable floor mopping systems to disinfecting wipes, dusting cloths and more, we’ve got you covered.

Our broad, U.S.-manufactured portfolio of solutions is convenient to use and compliant with the regulations you must follow. Plus, our unique H.E.L.P. system is the perfect “tutor” for your staff – easily outlining where and how to use our products to improve the quality of your cleaning, ensuring the satisfaction of students, faculty and guests alike. You can’t spell ‘class’ without an “A,” and that’s what Contec® can help you deliver!

Channel Guide for Education

Channel Guide

Download the PDF to learn more about the Contec H.E.L.P. system!

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