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QuickTurn™ Mop

Refillable floor mop with 32 ounce dispensing tank.

Equipped with a 32 ounce on-board refillable solution tank, the QuickTurn Mop eliminates the time spent juggling buckets to rewet old-fashioned string and sponge mops.  Never clean your floors and mats with relaunderable mops that can contain harmful contaminants. The QuickTurn Mop allows for even solution application every time, and the lightweight construction glides easily across floor surfaces when used wet or dry. The ergonomically-friendly mop design is compatible with cost-effective, PREMIRA II Disposable Microfiber Pads that have excellent pickup and eliminate cross-contamination, unlike cotton, rayon and other laundered mops. The economical pads eliminate laundering, making the mopping process more efficient.


Product Information
Part No. Description size Packaging Sample
Part No. 2781 Description QuickTurn mop with removable tank Size 32 oz. (0.95L) Packaging 1/case Request Information
Part No. PRMM0001 Description PREMIRA® II Microfiber Pads Size 5" x 19" (13 x 48cm) Packaging 20/bundle
12 bundles/case
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Part No. HCPH1001 Description QuickConnect mop head frame, stainless steel Size 12” (30cm) Packaging 1/case Add Sample
Part No. HCPH8002 Description PREMIRA Hygienic Backer Plate Size 4” x 16" (10 x 41cm) Packaging 4/bag
6 bags/case
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Part No. 2705 Description QuickTurn replacement tank Size 32 oz. (0.95L) Packaging 1/case Request Information